Emergency Preparedness for Families

Emergency Preparedness Tips for Families l Also Review Survival Savvy Family l Homestead Lady (.com)Do you have a podcast or Kindle book in your queue on the topic of emergency preparedness and it’s been there for months, waiting for you to peruse it?  Do things just keep coming up and you never quite get to making that emergency kit you know you’re supposed to have in your car?  Emergency preparedness is a difficult topic for some but I’m convinced that people are only uncomfortable with it because they’re not as prepared as they could be for the emergencies that might come to their families.  Let’s stop worry and start working!  To that end, here are a few ideas to help with emergency preparedness for families.Continue Reading

Pioneer Living with Family History

Pioneer Living with Family History l Homestead Lady (.com)What’s your favorite thing about The Little House on the Prairie books?  Want to know mine?  The Ingalls family themselves.  Their adventures and trials and joys were all wonderful to read about but it was their family that I loved the most.  Don’t we often think we’d like to try some pioneer living ourselves?  There’s a way to do just that without even lifting a shovel or keeping a chicken.  Can you guess what it might be?Continue Reading

Homesteading and Sustainability

Sustainability and Homesteading l What their definitions mean to you and me l Homestead Lady (.com)Homesteading and Sustainability?  What do those two words mean to you?  They may conjure up pictures of barefoot hippies living in communes so far removed from your normal that those words aren’t even relevant to you.  Would you be surprised to learn that along with our barefoot, hippy friends there are moms and dads, professionals and homemakers, children and students, grandmas and aunts, bosses and blue collar workers all longing and working towards a lifestyle based around self sustaining cycles of security and provision?  People, just like you, who are using homesteading and sustainability to create a net of safety and abundance, wherever they live and in whatever ways are meaningful for them.  So, let’s see what that looks like.Continue Reading