From the Farm Hop 3/27/15

From the Farm Hop l Homestead Lady (.com)So, we’re in the throws of trying to figure out how to pass our newly sold homestead over to another family – what an adventure!  I hope we’ve laid a good foundation for them and that they’ll be so happy living here.  If they need to know something homestead-y, I know exactly where to send them – right to the From the Farm Hop!Continue Reading

Raised Bed Garden: What to do in Later Spring

Raised Bed Gardens l What to do in the garden in later spring l Review of The Organic Canner l Homestead Lady (.com)Raised bed garden, lasagna garden, year round garden and whatever your zone, these tips for “later spring” gardens will work for you.  Simply adjust up or down as many weeks as you need to account for your last frost date for your area.  I’m in zone five, so if you’re in zone ten, you’ll need to do quite a bit of adjusting, fyi.  I’m also including my review of The Organic Canner, by Daisy Luther, in this post because this book helped inspire me to make more concrete growing plans in the garden this year.  I know I want to make some of her recipes and put them up, so I’m figuring out what and how much to plant.Continue Reading