How to Host a Farm Tour for Kids l Rules, crafts, ideas l urban homestead friendly l Homestead Lady (.com)

How to Host a Farm Tour for Children

How to Host a Farm Tour for Kids l Rules, crafts, ideas l urban homestead friendly l Homestead Lady (.com)  It’s always amazing to me how fascinated children are when they visit the homestead.  They love the vegetable beds, the goats, the fruit trees, the chickens and, of course, the bees. (They’re stinging insects, duh).

Interested in networking with the awesomest group of future homesteaders around?  Well, here’s how to host a farm tour for children!  FYI, this post includes experienced advice, tutorial links and free downloads.   Continue reading “How to Host a Farm Tour for Children”

Solar Oven Recipe Budget chicken dinner l Homestead Lady

Solar Oven Recipe: Budget Chicken Dinner

Solar Oven Recipe Budget chicken dinner l Homestead Lady

So, this month we’re celebrating National Preparedness month and we’re going to share a few of the off-grid cooking methods we’ve been practicing this summer. I am NOT an expert in this DIY stuff, just so ya know! Growing up, I went “camping” every year with my family but we always went to a KOA Kampground…at the beach.  So, does that actually count?  Anyway, one of my favorite off grid cooking options is definitely my solar oven. So, here we are sharing an easy, peasy solar oven recipe: Budget Chicken Dinner. Continue reading “Solar Oven Recipe: Budget Chicken Dinner”

Baking Supplies l Make Your Own l Homestead Lady

Baking Supplies: Make Your Own

Baking Supplies l Make Your Own l Homestead Lady

Today is October 1st and it is a special day.  Today begins a month long celebration of an American institution.  And a Greek, Russian and, even, ancient Egyptian institution.  I am, of course, speaking of the delicious, homemade cookie.  Thus begins Cookie Month ’14.  I will be celebrating this auspicious occasion with nine other bloggers throughout the month of October with each of us posting a cookie recipe every week.  I’ll be sure to link all the other bloggers’ recipes in my posts so that you don’t have to ferret out the fabulousness.  To get us started, and so we are properly prepared to get down with our bad selves amidst the cookies, we’re covering the basics today – Baking Supplies and how you can make your own.  Continue reading “Baking Supplies: Make Your Own”

How I use my Broadfork

How I use my broadfork - www.homesteadlady.comWhat is a broadfork, you ask?  Yeah, I didn’t know either until I read Eliot Coleman’s book*.  If you’re into low or now till gardening then this broadfork is going to become you’re new best friend.  Coleman worked with Johnny’s Select Seeds to develop one he likes but there are a few other places you can find them; just be sure of quality and it will most likely outlast you.  There are a few different sizes but I got the medium sized one, figuring it would cover a lot of bases and be something I could still be comfortable using.  The main purpose of a broadfork is to aerate and activate your soil, preparing it to receive compost and other yummy stuff, making your soil ready for planting.  The fork will penetrate the depth of the tines but it won’t rip apart your soil’s ecosystem like a rototiller.  One of the best things about a broadfork is that it wont turn up weed seeds to the surface of your soil in droves, thereby assuring you have a major weed problem like tillers do.  (Yeah, learned that lesson the hard way.)  I’ve also used my broadfork to dig potatoes and other root veggies as we’ll discuss. Continue reading “How I use my Broadfork”

How to process raw honey with an extractor

How to process raw honey with an extractor l Homestead LadyThe first-first thing I want to say is, read the directions to learn how to process raw honey with an extractor.  It’s such a basic step and one I too often neglect in my zeal to try a new thing!  We’ve processed quite a bit of honey over the years but this was our first time using a honey extractor and, may I just say, hallelujah!  Can I get an amen?!!  Here it is, how to process raw honey with an extractor… Continue reading “How to process raw honey with an extractor”

Nourishing yourself with cookies

Nourishing yourself with cookies - - Healthy Cookies kids love from Elliot HomesteadI got this recipe from Elliot Homestead and Shay’s fabulous new cookbook

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